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Amazon Echo Flex price-drop is the best time to add voice controls to your home


If you’re seeking voice-activate smart home control without adding a speaker to the mix, the Amazon Echo Flex is a solid bet.

The simple plug-in Alexa-powered device has a built-in microphone to pick up your commands and will respond via a small, but audible speaker.

eBay is currently selling the device for £14.99, which is £10 off the original asking price of £24.99. Or, if you prefer, £40 off.

The deal comes via the Argos eBay store, promising standard delivery for an additional £3.95 and delivery before the weekend.

The Echo Flex is perfect for those seeking to save a little space, as all you need is a spare mains adapter. It’s ideal for checking the weather quickly before you leave the house, powering down the lights in your home, or accessing some information about the traffic.

There’s also a 3.5mm AUX in as well as Bluetooth compatibility so you can turn and speaker into a smart one with the Echo flex.

If you have other compatible Echo devices, these they can be used as intercoms between rooms, so you can tell the kids to come down for dinner or it’s in the dog.

At just £14.99, this is a great deal on a super handy gadget that offers access to thousands of Alexa skills without the need for a larger gadget or a dedicated speaker for playing audio.

Our reviewer David Ludlow gave the gadget a modest 3.5 out of 5-star score and praised it as an affordable way to kit out your home with voice controls.

He wrote: “One of the easiest smart speakers to set up, the Amazon Echo Flex is a quick and simple way to add voice control to any room. Neatly, it can be upgraded to be a night light or motion sensor, although you can use it as a low-power phone charger, too. A weedy speaker makes it only good enough for voice replies, and this is a smart speaker that has more niche appeal, with the Echo Dot proving to be better for most people.”


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