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Autonomous tech accelerating China’s ride-hailing surge


Autonomous tech accelerating China’s ride-hailing surge | Automotive World

China’s 520 million annual users make it the world’s leading ride-hailing market, and its leading company is prioritising AVs. By Jack Hunsley

Uber may be considered the on-demand ride-hailing sector’s pioneer, but its home market is by no means the world’s largest. That honour falls to China and data collated by BusinessofApps underlines its dominance. In the US, around 100 million users accessed a ride-hailing app in 2020. In China, that figure was 520 million, with even its 2015 figure of 180 million usersoutstripping today’s US market. Even despite COVID’s impact, the expectation is that China’s ride-hailing market is set for unparalleled growth.

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