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Battlegrounds Mobile India Gets New Missions, Skins For Independence Day


Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting a ton of new content, ranging from new skins to daily missions in celebration of Independence day. A statement on the game’s social media reads:

“Celebrations commence early! Let’s celebrate the spirit of Independence in the Battlegrounds! AWM Skin is up for grabs! We also have new missions that are unlocked every day for players with amazing rewards! Drop in and check out the events center for latest missions and get winning with your squad!”

The ‘Independence Day Mahotsav’ in Battlegrounds Mobile India will run for 10 days from August 11 to 20. While the addition of new, time-exclusive items to the game is nice, Krafton is also gearing up to reveal the game’s release date on iOS devices.

While Krafton did not explicitly mention Apple or iOS, it doesn’t take a detective to notice the apple sign on the account’s recent social media post. The company has well aware of its fans’ please for a release of the game on iOS devices, and previous developments suggest that it might be coming soon enough. The game’s first India series tournament is also currently live, running until October 10.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently on its way to reach 50 million downloads on Android, with Krafton now giving away its 48 million milestone reward with 3x supply crate coupon scrap.

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