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Cloud platforms will keep cockpits on trend


In-vehicle multimedia has evolved from simple stereos, screens and plug-in third-party devices. These allowed drivers to choose their own music or use satellite navigation, but very little else. Today, embedded multimedia systems can support a range of features that provide an experience many drivers will be familiar with outside of the car.

Cloud connectivity is allowing automakers to take things to the next level, creating an ecosystem of apps and services purpose-built for an automotive setting. And importantly, it is helping the industry keep pace with the rapid advances being made in the consumer electronics space, where wireless updates can be offered frequently and not simply when the device is physically upgraded or replaced.

“At present, consumers may be more familiar with smartphone integrations and mirroring within their vehicle, but this has performance and integration limitations,” says Albert Jordan, Vice President of Ignite Automotive Services at Harman. “The cloud ecosystem enables


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