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Colopl will pay Nintendo $30 million to settle copyright infringement lawsuit


Japanese developer Colopl has agreed to pay Nintendo 3.3 billion yen ($30 million) to settle a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Nintendo initially sued the mobile studio in 2016 for allegedly infringing on five of its patents, including one related to “the special technology used to operate a joystick over a touch panel” that allegedly appeared in Colopl’s mobile title, White Cat Project

The console maker originally sought around $42 million in damages, but earlier this year raised that amount to roughly $47 million due to the duration of the legal battle. 

Colopl actually knocked back Nintendo’s assertions in February, and said it was “confident that our game does not infringe upon Nintendo’s patent rights.” However, as noted in a statement issued today (pointed out by Kotaku), the company ultimately agreed to settle with Nintendo in order to “resolve the matter as soon as possible.” 

“The terms of the agreement are that the Company will pay Nintendo a total of 3.3 billion yen as a settlement for the lawsuit, including future licensing, and that Nintendo will withdraw the lawsuit,” explained Colopl.

“In the third quarter of the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021, the Company recorded extraordinary losses of 3.3 billion yen in provision of allowance for related litigation. The settlement of this lawsuit will have no impact on the Company’s consolidated business results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021 and beyond.”


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