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Could an Ex-mobility Car Be a Wise Investment?



When buying a used car, the first consideration for most of us is how to save the most money while getting the best quality motor. There are so many options to consider when buying a second-hand car these days, but investing in a mobility car that has been put out to pasture might not be one of the first to come to mind.

But if a car has previously been owned by someone with a disability, after about 3 years the car is usually handed back to the charity and then sold on to consumers. This way you could potentially save a small fortune. It’s certainly an idea that many might not have considered but is it the right road for you to explore?

The Benefits of an Ex-mobility Car

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  • The former mobility car will almost always be cheaper than their identical counterparts.
  • The mileage on the car is usually significantly lower compared to non, ex-mobility cars, so the likelihood of excessive wear and tear is lower.
  • It will have a great servicing history. Under the scheme that the previous owner acquired the car, all servicing costs are covered, so you should have a fully completed logbook with regular detailed updates about the condition of the car throughout its life.

The Drawbacks of an Ex-mobility Car

  • The car may have been sat around unused for a while, which can have as much an impact on the car’s health as driving it too much. So, all elements will need to be checked out beforehand to ensure they are in good working order.
  • The car might have been modified to suit the needs of a previous driver, so bear in mind that there may be some changes you wish to undo, or indeed decide to keep for yourself. Note, however, that not all of these cars will have been adapted.
  • Because the car didn’t technically ‘belong’ to its previous owner they might not have looked after it as well as a conventional owner.

What About My Insurance?

It’s illegal for any insurance company to charge a higher premium for modifications made because of a disability. In short, a ramp or a joystick is not the same to the insurer as a body kit. However, if you are not disabled yourself and plan on keeping any modifications you should definitely notify your insurer.


Ultimately, if you find an ex-mobility car that is right for you, then it’s a wonderful way to get an affordable new car and support a charity. As with any major purchasing decision, however, you must do as much research as possible beforehand.

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