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EV sales strategy: tech evolution demands retail upgrade


EV sales strategy: tech evolution demands retail upgrade | Automotive World

Megan Lampinen takes an inside look at Lucid Motors’ retail strategy and the importance of a direct-to-consumer sales model

Automotive retail is rapidly reinventing itself in the wake of new technology trends, including digitalisation, shared mobility and electric propulsion. Along with simply selling cars, many dealers are now also offering subscriptions. For a growing number of brands, the entire purchase journey can take place online, with no need to visit a salesroom. The move to electric vehicles (EVs) has prompted a handful of automakers to set up experience centres that serve more as sources of information on new technology than high-pressure sales environments.

However, in some cases, regulations may be holding back progress on how sales can take place, and this could have a dire impact on the EV segment in particular.

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