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New leaks show One UI and stylish watch faces


It won’t be long now until we get our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but in the meantime here’s everything we know about Samsung’s next mainline wearables.

Now that we have confirmation on the next Samsung Unpacked event, a fully-blown Galaxy Watch 4 reveal is imminent. Of course, unlike most years, it isn’t just device itself that we’re interested in seeing for the first time, but it’s also the brand new OS that’ll be baked into Samsung’s next wearables from the get-go.

If you haven’t heard, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic) will be the first wearables anywhere to feature the new One UI software co-developed between Google and Samsung. While One UI will come to replace Wear OS in the near future, its debut on the Galaxy Watch 4 has certainly built up the hype for Samsung’s wearable, particularly thanks to new leaks giving us a glimpse at One UI in action. To find out all about it, just keep reading on.

Both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Classic made an early appearance on Amazon Canada on July 14, giving us a decent idea of what both watches might look like. While both are gone now, GSMArena caught the listings before they were taken down.

The Galaxy Watch 4 looks similar to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, while the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic features a larger body with a rotating bezel that is absent on the Watch 4.

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Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 4. Image: Amazon Canada (via GSMArena)

This matches a leak we saw previously from Android Headlines which showed off the rotating bezel that has become a staple of Galaxy smartwatches. Android Headlines also hinted at three colours: white, grey and black, with chassis’ available in silver and black, while a report by Giznext has hinted at black, silver, green and gold shades for the Galaxy Watch 4. 

However, the Android Headlines report also mentions a 44mm Classic which wasn’t mentioned in the Amazon Canada leak. 

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Image: Amazon Canada (via GSMArena)

According to the Amazon Canada listings, the Galaxy Watch 4 will be made of aluminium and come in 40mm and 44mm sizes, while the Classic will be available in 42mm and 46mm sizes and feature a stainless steel body.

The smaller versions of each watch will have 1.19-inch displays and the larger models have 1.36-inch ones. According to the Android Headlines report, the Classic’s screen will be protected by Gorilla Glass DX, while the Watch 4 will include the softer Gorilla Glass DX+. 

The Galaxy Watch 4 also made a recent appearance in a video posted on Samsung’s official YouTube channel. 

The video, titled ‘Voices of Galaxy’ (and spotted by SamMobile) offers a glimpse of what looks to be the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a silver rotating bezel and flat side buttons. The watch also includes a leather strap, suggesting Samsung might sell those alongside the silicone options we’ve seen in other leaks. 

SamMobile has been a major source of Galaxy Watch 4 leaks over the last few months, and the site’s just dropped another juicy tidbit into our laps. The latest leak shows a glimpse at how One UI operates on both versions of the Galaxy Watch 4. The most immediate thing of note is how different the watch face collection is between the two wearables.

As shown in the tweet above, the Galaxy Watch 4 features a bunch of colourful watch faces packed with large scale numbers and eye-catching complications. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic on the other hand, as one might expect, appears to be put a greater emphasis on refined designs that wouldn’t look out of place on traditional timepieces.

The leaked videos also briefly hint as a revamped Google Maps experience which, to date, has been a tad lacklustre on Wear OS watches. It’s also possible to briefly spot the app tray, which follows an icon-led design as opposed to the typical list-based approach that’s currently used.

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According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch 4 will pack a brand new Exynos chip that could offer a substantial boost in performance. 

The Exynos W920 is expected to power both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, offering better performance than the Exynos 9110 found in the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3

This includes 1.25x faster processing and 8.8x smoothing graphics. The watch will also come with 1.5GB of RAM – 0.5GB more than the 1GB found on the Galaxy Watch 3. 

SamMobile also claims the two watches will pack 16GB of storage – twice that found in the Galaxy Watch 3. This is good news considering the new OS is set to download the smartwatch version of any Android apps you have downloaded onto the watch automatically.

According to the Amazon Canada leak, both watches will also reportedly take advantage of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and possibly LTE – though the latter isn’t mentioned in the listing. Both watches also include a list of health features, including Body Composition Analysis, Advanced Sleep, VO2 Max, Blood Oxygen Monitoring and Heart Rate Monitoring. 

After a good amount of speculation, Samsung finally announced the existence of One UI at MWC 2021 – the new operating system that will debut on the Galaxy Watch 4. Made in partnership with Google, One UI will move over to using the Google Play Store as opposed to the Galaxy Store for downloading watch apps – giving users a wider variety of choice thanks to the larger Wear OS app library.

Samsung also touted some of the benefits that One UI will bring to the table. Most notably, apps will now load up to 30% faster than before, and if an Android app you’ve downloaded to your phone also has a One UI counterpart, then that will be automatically downloaded to your watch as well. 

By condensing the size of the internal cores, the Galaxy Watch 4 will feature a better optimised battery, one will allow for continuous heart rate monitoring throughout the day. This is a huge improvement as it’ll provide users with more accurate health and heart rate data.

One UI will also open up the ability for developers to easily make their own watch faces, which should allow for increased collaboration with fashion brands and more options for users.

Deal: Galaxy Watch 3 LTE 45mm for just £239 (was £409 brand new)

It’s looking likely we’ll see the Galaxy Watch 4 launch on August 11.

Samsung recently confirmed that this summer’s Galaxy Unpacked event would take place on August 11 at 3pm BST. While there’s no mention of the watch in the invitation, the date had previously been hinted at by Evan Blass who attached images of the rumoured smartwatches in a Twitter thread below the date.

Furthermore, the Amazon Canada leak quoted a release date of August 27 2021, which would make sense if the watch is announced two weeks ahead of time.

If you’re interesting in catching the announcements live, you can pre-register for the event now on Samsung’s website, or visit Trusted Reviews on August 11 to catch all the latest announcements as they take place.

The Amazon Canada leak also included pricing information. If the listings are correct, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 will cost CAD $310 (around £178) and the 44mm model will cost CAD $347 (around £199). 

Meanwhile, the 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will cost CAD $428 (around £246), while the 46mm version will cost CAD $464 (around £267).

If this is accurate, both watches could be more affordable than the £399 Galaxy Watch 3 was at launch.


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