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The Driver Shortage: Uniforms as a Solution – Operations


The Driver Shortage: Uniforms as a Solution

The industry’s driver shortage has never been more dire than it is today.  The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates the industry will need to recruit an average of 110,000 a year over the next decade just to stem the tide. In this intriguing whitepaper, Workwear Outfitters offers you detailed insight into an often-overlooked solution that can help you attract and retain top-shelf talent.

A solution to the driver shortage that will allow your fleet to:

  • Keep your drivers safer, more comfortable, and feeling cared for on the job.
  • Help you champion your brand both internally and externally
  • Shows your drivers how much you appreciate them with a uniform-led benefit program
  • Help attract millennials, the largest untapped pool of candidates, with stylish, innovative uniforms that set your brand apart

By Workwear Outfitters


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