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The focus shift issue with the Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro revisited in revised review | Canon Rumors


Sigma’s ”old” (2012) 180mm f/2.8 OS HSM Macro is what you want, then. It came in just months before they rebranded with the Art, Sports and Contemporary stylings, so it has their older gold ring look, though it was developed at the same time as the first couple of Art lenses and it is on par with them both in optics and focus. It’s got just a hair less contrast at f/2.8 than the Canon lens does at f/3.5, but by the time you stop them both down to just f/4 the Sigma takes the lead. It is heavier than the Canon 180mm and a little bit larger overall, but if you can cope with the 100-500 then you can cope with the Sigma; it’s the exact same size as the 100-500 is, without the extending barrel. It works very well with a 1.4x extender, too. (I don’t remember ever using it with a 2x, so I won’t vouch for that.) Stabilisation of course varies per user and camera resolution, but for me on the 5DS R I often shot it at 1/60th, which is as slow as I ever risk for living subjects anyway, with no shake. if Sigma had just held off the release until they could rebrand it with the ‘Art’ designation, I believe that 180mm would be one of their more famous lenses, instead of one of their most obscure, and it’d be known as the insect lens.

Realistically if either Canon or Sigma (or Tamron, Tokina, or whoever else) were to make a newer equivalent, I doubt it’d actually be any different from the 2012 Sigma other than the styling on the outside.


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