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The Green Knight is available to stream for one night only


The Green Knight is one of the best new movies out right now — a meditative new take on a well worn myth that’s full of surprises and smart deconstruction. It’s got a big problem, though: It’s only available in theaters right now, which aren’t a viable option for many people. There is some good news, however. Distributor A24 will be making The Green Knight available to stream online next week. The catch? It’s for one night only.

The digital screening will be on Wednesday, Aug. 18 2021, at 9 p.m. ET. Tickets can be purchased for $20 now at the A24 Screening Room, and buyers will have four hours (until 1 A.M.) to stream the movie and any available bonus content.

All these restrictions might come across as annoying and perhaps unnecessary, but as multiple Polygon contributors can attest, The Green Knight is pretty worth it. Just bellow “ONE. YEAR. HENCE.” when you buy your tickets, both for role-playing purposes and also because it’s just fun to do.


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