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The Green Knight’s David Lowery and Myth


The Green Knight’s David Lowery and Myth

Myths and Folktales have been the cornerstone of storytelling throughout history. With The Green Knight, writer director David Lowery has literally adapted a story straight from King Arthur and his roundtable, but it’s far from the first time Lowery has dabbled in fantasy and legend. Without retelling actual legends, he’s explored what legends mean to us, and how we pass them down the generations. Here follows a brief history of David Lowery and Myth.

Beginning with the dreamy Odyssey draped in western outlaw mythology Ain’t Them Bodies Saints he skipped straight to a Disney remake and one of the most legendary creatures of all time with Pete’s Dragon before returning to indie, arthouse fare like the white sheet with the eyeholes cut out in A Ghost Story and Robert Redford as a charming banke robber in The Old Man and the Gun. Through all four of these films though, Lowery subtly rooted all his work in folklore.


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