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Think on resilient operations: four sessions to inspire your digital transformation


Today, a resilient business must be grounded in an understanding of how your enterprise assets—like equipment, buildings, and vehicles—are performing in real-time,  foresight into potential disruptions, and insights to mitigate them. Now, enterprise assets are being transformed with AI-infused technologies that, when fueled with data, provide a clear view of asset performance and the factors that will impact it. So the question becomes not “if” but “how” and “when” you can employ these technologies to build a more resilient business. The first step–Think 2021.

The online-only, free conference showcases how customers and partners are digitally transforming their businesses. You can use this guide to learn more conference offering, then register for sessions to learn how others are applying the power of Maximo, TRIRIGA and IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and create more resilient business operations.

Use this handy guide to see what Think 2021 has to offer.

Sessions highlighting digital transformation

Building smart manufacturing operations powered by advanced technologies (#2086)
Insights from AI and machine learning, coupled with other data sources can help you better manage, maintain, and operate equipment. Yet even firms with a pragmatic Industry 4.0 vision struggle. Join Samsung and IBM to learn how you can harness the full power of Industry 4.0, and scale for operational excellence in the cloud, on the edge, and in the field.

Next-generation AI and asset management for civil infrastructure (#2082)
Civil infrastructure is one of the most asset- and labor-intensive industries, yet the level of digitalization and automation is low. Hear from the CEOs of Autostrade per l’Italia and Sund & Bælt on how they use Maximo Civil Infrastructure to manage critical structures, expand asset lifetime and reduce CO2 emissions.

Leveraging AI and weather to improve renewables forecasting applications in Brazil (#1725)
With climate change concerns, forecasting for renewable generation is vital. Learn how Brazilian energy leader Omega Energia teamed up with IBM to build a cost-effective, scalable wind forecasting platform for high-accuracy forecasts.

Building safety, resiliency and sustainability into the future workplace (#2087)
The pandemic, climate change and business demands may have you redesigning your facilities for the next normal and keep everyone healthy and productive. Join a panel of experts from Regeneron, Mitre, Verdantix, Tjene and Serco to learn how they’re managing the transition and creating a healthy, sustainable future.

Two more can’t-miss events at Think

CUBE Interview with Kareem Yusuf, PhD, IBM General Manager and Wayne S. Balta, IBM Chief Sustainability Officer. Tune in to this interview to learn more about IBM’s history of commitment to the environment, our vision for a more sustainable future, and how we’ll help clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Trends & Directions: Empowering a resilient, sustainable futureSustainability is a business imperative. Climate change, dwindling natural resources, and other hazards are disrupting business in unexpected ways, compelling organizations to transform the way they operate. Join us to learn how to tackle the most important challenges to your business with AI-powered solutions, intelligent automated workflows and open platforms to accelerate your journey to a resilient, sustainable future.

We’re here to help you on your journey to digitize your business, optimize your assets, increase efficiency and reduce costs. And we certainly hope that attending these sessions will inspire you! Register today.


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