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Volvo D13 and D16 Engines


The Volvo Trucks brand is one of the largest and most recognized heavy-duty truck manufacturers in the world. The Swedish manufacturer managed to sell over 200,000 trucks last year alone. Under its umbrella include additional truck brands like Mack, Renault Trucks, Dongfeng, and Eicher Motors.

One of the reasons for the company’s continued success is certainly in part to their top-notch truck engines. Thanks to the widespread use of Volvo trucks, there is a healthy amount of used Volvo truck engines for sale.


Volvo D13 Engine Best Volvo Truck Engine
Volvo D13 Engine

The D13, one of Volvo’s most advanced truck motors, sits as one of the best engines in the industry. The almost 13-liter inline-six engine comes in a multitude of power configurations. The horsepower ratings offered include 375, 405, 425, 435, 455, and all the way up to 500. In regard to peak torque, that goes to 1450, 1450, 1550, 1650, 1750, and 1850 lb-ft. respectively. The wide range of power availability allows for trucks to be outfitted with the exact engine they need to fit their power necessities.

Along with the wide range of power ratings, a big advantage of the D13 engine is its world-class fuel efficiency. With the new engine, Volvo introduced Turbo Compounding which was able to increase fuel efficiency by 6.5%.

Engines typically burn fuel to create energy but the usage is not perfectly optimized. A significant portion of the energy is lost in the form of heat. With the D13 engine, the Turbo Compound captures some of that lost heat and reintroduces it back as mechanical energy. The result of such an upgrade leads not only to an increase in the actual fuel efficiency, but also an extra 50 horsepower, as well as extra torque.

The D13 also saw an improvement to the exhaust after-treatment system. The system was encased in a smaller package, leading to a 17-pound weight reduction as well as improved emissions performance.

While the engine is reliable and robust enough, thanks to the popularity of Volvo Trucks, there are a lot of used Volvo D13 engines for sale. This large supply of engines allows for Volvo-based fleets to continue trucking along.


Volvo D16 Engine
Volvo D16 Engine

Of course, the Volvo Truck brand wouldn’t be as successful as it is if it didn’t have other truck engine options. Another option, although a bit less advanced than the D13, is the D16.

Just like the D13, it’s an inline-six, but it ups the displacement to just over 16-liters. The engine came in four power ratings; 500, 500 (with additional torque), 550, and 600. The corresponding torques were 1850, 2050, 1850, and 2050 lb-ft.

The D16 lacks the D13’s Turbo Compounding and “one-box” exhaust after-treatment system, meaning that it’s not as fuel-efficient or as low emissions. Though, just like the D13, the D16 does have Volvo’s eco-torque feature. This allows the truck to use a lower torque curve to save on fuel in the higher gears. Whenever higher torque is required, the engine can switch to the steeper curve.

What the D16 lacks in fuel efficiency, it makes up for in power delivery. The top-rated D16 engine features 100 more horsepower and 200 more lb-ft. of torque than the top D13 engine. So for drives that need as much power as possible, D16-equipped Volvos get the job done.

Just as with the D13, there are a large number of used Volvo D16 engines for sale, allowing for Volvo trucks to continue to stay on the road.


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