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What If Fall Guys, But Cars?


Vroom! is an upcoming game that takes the basic premise of Fall Guys—madcap game show-style multiplayer battle royale action—only now you’re playing as a toy car.

Even the music sounds…familiar.

But whatever, it’d be wild if rival games didn’t try and grab a slice of Fall Guys’ lucrative pie, since this is exactly what has happened to every other remotely fresh type of video game experience since *checks calendar* the dawn of video games.

Here’s the official pitch:

Vroom! is going to be a battle royale style obstacle racing game where you can drive and customise toy cars and trucks and race online with 60+ players, alone or in a squad in realistic environments.

Plus I love these little cars. And the physics effects look cool as hell. And this has been made by just one guy, over the Summer! Vroom! is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S towards the end of next year.


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