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Which Compustar Remote Starter Kit to Buy?


If you are a car owner and live in a cold climate area, you know how annoying it is to sit in a frozen car and wait for it to warm up. But you can avoid the situation if you have a remote starter on your vehicle.


A remote starter allows you to remotely start your vehicle’s engine, and also allows you to warm up the car before getting inside.

While most of the new vehicles come equipped with remote starters from the factory, the old car models don’t have that facility. Luckily, there are ample aftermarket options to serve your needs if remote starters sound interesting to you. With a remote starter kit, you will be able to remotely start your car and get to use other features such as locking and unlocking your doors remotely and more.

Compustar Two-Way vs. Compustar One-Way: The Best Compustar Remote Start as Per Our Choice

Compustar Two-Way Remote Start and Alarm Bundle

Compustar 7900AS
Compustar 7900 ES

With a maximum range of 3000-feet, this package is a two-way remote starter kit and alarm bundle from Compustar. The CS7900 ES is a two-way shared LCD remote with other features such as:

  • A shock sensor
  • Siren
  • Control module

This device allows you to lock and start your vehicle even from a distance. The remote also provides visual and audible cues when you successfully send commands.

Compustar 7900AS Remote Key
Compustar 7900 ES Remote Key

With this device, you can impact all the sensors of your vehicle for added security. If there is a break, you will get notified by the remote and know what’s going on near and around your vehicle. The alarm siren is rated at over 105 decibels, and the siren is loud and nice.

Like all remote starter kits and alarm bundles, you must hire a professional to install it unless you are really aware of the wirings.

  • Pros: This comes with a two-way LCD remote, 3000 feet range, and a loud siren.
  • Cons: Installing this device is really complex, and the screen on the remote can scratch easily if not taken care of.

Computer One-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry

Compustar 920S
Compustar 920S

If you’re looking for a budgeted option, you can consider Compustar CS920S. This is a one-way remote starter kit and keyless entry system. This model comes with four buttons that work through the control module of the device. This is compatible with diesel engines and has a 1000-foot max range.

Compustar 920S Remote Key
Compustar 920S Remote Key

You will be able to start your vehicle remotely, lock and unlock your doors with this system. The horn honks, passive and active alarming functions, and valid mode are some of the other features that you can find in this device.

  • Pros: Budgeted price, one year warranty, and keyless entry
  • Cons: Limited range of 1000 foot only, basic one-way system

What to Buy One-Way or Two-Way?

A one-way system is the best choice for you if you’re looking for an affordable option. One-way devices can send a signal to the starter receiver that is installed in the vehicle. But the one-way system doesn’t receive information back from the vehicle, which means that your car can only receive signals. 

Two-Way kits are expensive, but you can also get information from the vehicle and stay notified when certain functions are active.

Even in the most basic form of a two-way smart starter kit, LED lights will be delivering you the updates, while the expensive kits will have LCD displays to send messages or even imagery to let you know the status of your car.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it is you to decide whether you want to spend some extra amount on a two-way system. Car Toys has ample options of smart starter kits to choose from. Visit the website and pick the one you like.


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